Songbird Physical Therapy and Pilates

"Making your Physical Therapy experience an enjoyable part of your journey."

Welcome to Songbird Physical Therapy and Pilates.  This is a place where people suffering from any kind of orthopedic and neurological dysfunction can benefit from my services. I consider this a fine tuning and healing center. Very often after a patient has been through physical therapy, has had medical interventions including injections and surgery and has been to various healthcare practitioners and continues to experience pain and dysfunction they are left feeling frustrated and hopeless about his/her situation.

I am here to help pick up the pieces. Here, patients are assessed as a whole human being instead of a knee patient, hip patient or a stroke patient. I use a holistic/integrative approach and value the mind-body connection when working with clients. The goal of the center is to help patients get to a point where they don’t need physical therapy anymore, feel empowered about their health and are either pain free or know how to manage their symptoms through home exercises or joining our pilates program for maintenance.

The experience here will be different than your physical therapy in the past..because my approach goes further than traditional physical therapy to reach the greatest healing potential. The combination of traditional physical therapy and pilates is one way to bridge the gap between injury and full return to activity. Various skills and body work are included in your treatment to promote pain free mobility and return to an active lifestyle. 


The Songbird physical therapy experience is unparalleled. Thank you for making my experience spectacular!”